Low Rider Bikes

ChubbysBikes has the most unique lowrider bikes and is a highly custom low rider Bicycle style with a long wheelbase and a style that is inspired by lowrider cars. Lowrider bikes
often feature a long, curved banana seat with a sissy bar and very tall
ape hanger handlebars. A lot of chrome, velvet, and overspoked wheels
are common accessories to these custom low rider bicycles. People would copy the work on lowrider
cars on their bicycles, usually starting with common muscle bikes. This
allowed those who were too young to drive a car to have a custom
vehicle. In 1963, Schwinn was the first company to launch a muscle bike,
in the form of the Sting-Ray. ChubbysBikes is the source for all your lowrider bikes and
lowrider bicycles. We have the lowest possible price on our complete
inventory of lowrider bikes.

Gold / Chrome Low Rider Bike
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